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About us

About us | World Wide Aviation LLP

About us

The World Wide Aviation is certified by the international standards of organization to provide professional aviation training. It is also registered under the Ministry of Corporate affairs.The aviation environment calls for those with a decisive nature, someone who is competent with technology and can react to an ever changing, dynamic atmosphere. At the World wide aviation academy, we assure you to be capable of these skills and work with you to be the best crew you can be.

The World Wide Aviation stands as one of leading aviation training providers, specializing in professional and private flight programs. Our programs include Aviation Operations and Aviation Safety which offer exciting aviation-related career possibilities.

Our Mission

To produce diploma/certificate who are professional, safe and competent for the benefit of the wider Aviation industry.

Our Vision

The world wide aviation would like to be recognised as a leader in:

Inflight and theorical training

Innovative learning solutions

Quality training services through best experienced cabin crews.

We wish to avail the ongoing opportunities in the sector of AVIATION, HOSPITALITY & TOURISM by starting our signature courses.